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1 About Us - Legend Lifts India Private Limited

About Us


About Legend Lift’s

We are the largest independent elevator company servicing in Tamil Nadu for over Eight years. Our trained and experienced team can maintain all makes and models of elevator and escalators.

We want to move people safely, comfortably and efficiently – today and in the future. So we are building a new high-rise test elevator and escalators Innovation company in Tirunelveli. We support our customers around the world throughout their project lifecycle, from the design through to the end-of-life phase.

How we differ from others

  • Closed loop with encoder for smoothness.
  • User free drives.
  • Error and fault register in drives.
  • Drive off and on time setting in controller.
  • Controller design at Korean.
  • On line ups for without failedard.
  • User free floor indication and non stop control.
  • Parellal communication controller.
We are fixing the motor in Steel I beams are connected in core wall with welding, anti vibration rubber pads, machine bed, this setup machine fixing is not transfer the vibration for building and lift cabin.
  • Use only motor imported
  • Should not fixing the motor in top of ceiling.
  • Brackets are fixing in concrete boxes.
  • Guide rails are connected with buffer channel without bed.
  • Guide rail brackets are fully welded for anti vibration without bolt nut.
  • Brackets are manufacturing only in L angles for anti vibration.
  • Entrance sill fixing with L angle for anti bending.
  • Entrance frames are fully welded.
  • Travelling cables are imported 36core.
  • Hoistway cables are solid round cables.
  • 100% call back free.