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Legend lifts is the best solution ,Based on your needs, present condition of elevator and your budget, legend lifts can advise you the most effective modernization package which will again give you the safest ride and enhance your experience.


Over the period of time the elevator safety norms or rules have undergone changes. The Government has also issued various circulars for the safety of passengers traveling in elevators. These new safety devices are mandatory for your own safety. Non-compliance of these safety norms increases the risk of accidents. Hence legend lift team can inspect your lift for the compliance of these safety norms and can incorporate the same in your elevator.


Modernization of elevator by making electrical changes such as changing of control panel, wiring, cable, call button boxes, switches and other components. These changes not only help for better performance of elevators but also increase the life of elevator. To know the best suitable electrical changes for your elevator.


New Designs

Electrical Changes

Safety Compliance